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Naxos Island

Naxos exlusion Chora - Chalki - Filoti Apiranthos - Koronida

Along gorgeous road leads into the heart of the island. A variety of landscapes, monuments and traditional villages are what you come across. This road will captivate you for sure! Leaving Agidia we travel through the evergreen "Livadi", the most fertile plain of Naxos. The main road traverses Galanado and leads to the Venetian castle Belonia, rising proud ahead. Going towards Chalki, on the right side of the road, we come across Sagri, an area full of castles (Sommaripa, Delia Roka, Palcologou and Barozzi) and Byzantine churches (St. Anargyroi, St. Ioanni -built in the place of the ancient temple of Dimitra (530 BC), St. Eleftherios, Virgin Mary the Kaloritissa in the SE and St. Nicolas in the South). The scenery changes as we turn again onto the main road and enter the all green and full of olive trees basin of Tragea. Castles and fortresses of the Venetian era along with Byzantine churches full of frescos, sculptures and inscriptions, captivate our eyes like the church of Virgin Mary the Protothroni, of St. Georgios the Diasoritis and the Venetian castle Barotsi home of the local feudal families. Damalas -Damarionas, Chalki and other small traditional villages surround Tragea. From Tragea you can get to Moni, a tinny village build on high with an incredible view. There you can admire the frescos of the church of Virgin Mary the Drosiani that are rare in Greece. We return to Tragea and head towards the foot of the mountain Za. The village Filoti is built on the tops of two hills, with the church of Virgin Mary the Filotissa and the Castle of Barotsi standing in the middle of it. From Filoti we can go to the castle of Himaros that was built in the 4th century BC and is one of the most ancient and significant sites on the island. Further away from Filoti is Apiranthos, a village with intense Venetian influence, with Virgin Mary the Apirathitissa and 3 important museums (archeological, folk and geological). This village has unique customs and a rich folkloric tradition. From Aperatho, the road leads to the picturesque and traditional Korono, with a small stop in Stavro of Keramoti. Across from Korono is Skado, after that is Mesi and Komiaki, the most northern and of highest elevation village of Naxos, which ends in the beach of Apollo.

Naxos excursions Chora - Galini Engares - Abram Agia - Apollo

Leaving Chora we go to the NE .side of it and toward the val- ley of Eggares with the green gardens of citrus trees.

Naxos excursions Chora - Potamia - Melanes Kouros - Kynidaros

It's a short yet beautiful walk to the interior of Naxos. In the valley of Melanes, full of olive and fruit trees, we come across the villages Kourounochori and St. Apostolous, while going towards Flerio we get to a half-finished ancient statue (kouros, 7th century BC) 6.40 meters long. Then we meet Kynidaro, a village famous for its waters, its rich underground full of fine quality of marble, and for its music history as it is the home town of the most famous singers of island songs. From the road that leads to Elanes we head towards Potamia, filled with green vegetable gardens and abundant running waters!

DELOS - MYCONOS Excursions

Admire the home of the god of the sun, which is made of granite. It is the island with the unique archaeological sights which reveal a history of 3000 years. During your stay, you can see, among others, the temple of Apollon, the "pombiki stoa of the lions" (the place where the ancient used to have their parades) the theatre, the "stoa" and the ancient home of the naxian people, Lito's temple and the remarkable exhibits of the local museum. The very well-known and cosmopolitan island with the special architecture of the Cyclades. During your visit to Myconos , you can get to know all that ,what made the island so famous. Walk on the picturesque roads from the beautiful windmills until small Venice. Also, do not forget to visit the very interesting museums of the island. The golden beaches and the aegean landscape, which is full of the white and blue colour, bring to you a kind of magic.


Let the peaceful atmosphere of the small Cyclades inspire you. Enjoy the relaxing and romantic day with swimming at the beautiful beaches and by a traditional lunch - fresh fish (optional).

SANTORINI Excursions

Get to know the magical island of Santorini, the island with the rare beauty and the fantastic view of the caldera. Travel in the blue Aegean water, enjoying he comforts and luxury of our ship. By arrival at the port of Santorini, luxury coaches with your guide will be waiting for you to take you to the small village of "Pirgos". Afterwards you will experience the traditional architecture of Oia and finally the picturesque city Thira with its amazing views.