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Naxos Island


It's the largest island of Cyclades, a fertile land with hardworking people that capitalized to the maximum on the natural abilities of the island, agriculture, cattle-breeding and fishing. Citron, potatoes, grapes, wine and cheeses from Naxos are well known. The wine-pressing and the "chatzanemata" (the making of tsipouro, a white spirit) is a party occasion for the locals. They preserve the customs and traditions of the island with the "koydoynatoys" and "kordelatoys" during Mardigras, the "Klydona" on June 23rd, the local recipes, the fairs, the folk dances, the "kotsakia" (two-verse poems). Naxos is also known for a few days or for long vacation. You will come across a society that consists of warm and hospitable people that is the real beauty of Naxos.

The local market place

The locals have lovingly cultivated their land for thousands of years and the island is characterized by its self-sufficiency in agricultural products. Naxos is famous for its potatoes, fruit, olive oil and wine and one of its most famous products is the citrus liquer, The old citrus'' distillery is in the village of Chalki and is well worth a visit. Due to the prolific cattle breeding there is an abu-dance of dairy products, the most famous of which are the local cheeses (gruyere, sour cream-cheese, hard cheese). Naxos has a remarkable tradition in the art of weaving. You can buy weft-knitted textiles in Hora, in Aperanthos, Moni and Komiaki. In the area of Tragaia there are pottery workshops and the famous "eye of Naxos" is on sale in most of the island''s jewellery shops (the "eye of Naxos" comes from a cockleshell and is said to bring good fortune.)